You’re in luck! Synthetix launched sTSLA today, a synthetic asset that tracks the price of TSLA.

The Synthetix protocol allows you to acquire a wide variety of synthetic assets with zero slippage, letting you swap instantly between crypto, forex and commodities like Oil, Gold and Silver. …

Synthetix is one of the most unique DeFi protocols in the space today.

The ability to acquire a wide variety of synthetic tokens with no slippage means that, when used correctly, market makers, CeFi-DeFi yield hackers, and retail speculators have an undeniable edge on the competition, while providing the economic…

After exploring how to create and deploy Docker containers the old-school way, the time has come to leverage the power of docker-compose.

Docker Compose offers a whole bunch of advantages when it comes to orchestrating multiple containers. …

In my previous post I talked about how set up local networked containers using Docker, using redis as a caching layer for you node server. In this post, we’ll go through all the steps needed to get your killer app up and running on AWS.

We’ll be using the AWS…

If you’re looking to connect different docker containers — e.g. a node.js server and a redis caching layer — you might have noticed that dockers’link flag is outdated and now considered legacy. …

When a user clicks on a URL of a react application that uses react-router for routing, you would expect them to arrive there without a problem. But what happens when this application is running on a server that requires authentication?

That’s easy enough, you say: You redirect them to the…

Generators have been popping up left and right lately and I thought it was about time I understood what all of the fuzz was about. When I saw that co.js was one of the most popular packages on NPM, I realised I couldn’t run away from them any longer.


asap: Execute a task as soon as possible. Useful when dealing with blocking event systems.

autoprefixer: PostCSS plugin that will automatically add browser-specific CSS prefixes.

aws-sdk: SDK to work with Amazon AWS

babel-cli: Use the Babel library to transpile your code and write ES6 and experimental ES7

also see: babel-core,babel-plugin-transform-decorators-legacy,babel-plugin-transform-es2015-modules-commonjs

Remove sensitive data from git history in all branches

1. Run your filter branch command, replacing all instances of “password” with “nothing_to_see_here”

$ git filter-branch --tree-filter ‘git ls-files -z “*.js” |xargs -0 perl -p -i -e “s#(password)#nothing_to_see_here#g”’ —- --all

2. Overwrite your master with local changes

$ git push origin master --force

Pretty log

git log — pretty=format:’%h — %an, %ar : %s’

Undoing the last commit

$ git reset --soft HEAD~

Align with remote branch, discarding local changes

$ git reset —-hard origin/master

This article is about Actionscript and was originally posted on my personal blog 6 years ago.

Sometimes when you are experimenting around with flash, you’ll notice that things can get a little laggy when you put too many things on the stage and try to move them around at the…

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